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Why do we need to segragate our waste?

These days, the amount of waste in our world continues to grow enormously, by sorting our waste at home we help reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

This action will make it easier for us to recycle the waste according to its type, and increased the recycling rate.

We want to make healthier environment and less pollution. All recyclable waste that we manage goes to recycling factory.

Thank you for being a responsible citizen!

Recyclable Waste Type

Paper & Beverage Carton

Beverage cartons, Books, Brochures, Cardboard, Food boxes, Magazines, Newspapers, Paper bags, Paper, Used paper.

Plastic & Other

Aluminum packaging, Aerosol cans, Bottles, Beverage cans, Bubble wrap, Cosmetic packaging, Food containers, Glasses, Glass bottles, Plastic bags, Plant pots, Straws, Used oil.


Adapter, Battery, Cable, Computer, Charger, Fan, Headset, Microwave, Printer ink, Printer, Remote, Radio, Stove, Telephone, Television, Washing Machine,  Refrigerator,  Water Dispenser.

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