• Waste Management

    Armadakemasan is here. We are full service with reliable recycling collection and committed & sustained waste management. Welcome to new era of waste management.

  • Pilah Sampah

    We are here to help you from answering your questions regarding recycle to providing information of how to conduct your recycle process both simple and convenient.

  • #jemputsampah

    Our signature service helps community by picking up your recyclable trash right to your door, and handle them in a right way for better environment.

  • Recycle Point

    Your contribution matters. Our recycle point designated for you to make your recyclable trash drop off, both convenient and accessible. Go choose your nearest location.

    About ArmadaKemasan

    Armadakemasan is a leader in recyclable waste management services, and has been a pioneer in sustainability since 2010. We provide effective and tailored solutions that deliver enduring value to our customers, partners and communities.

    Our Services

    Waste Management

    We offer tailored recyclable waste management services direct from the source to meet the individual needs of your business. Our services are designated to help managing your waste responsibility and reduce the environmental impact.

    Waste Disposal

    Your packaging is your brand identity. We provide the widest range of waste disposal options in the industry for paper and plastic packaging. With our recycling system, your unused packaging is safe with us.


    Recycling education is part of our important action to fight againts climate change. Through our recycling education program we would like to increase recycling awareness and habit in people daily lives.

    Recycled Product

    Our customer get benefit from their waste recycling program, Armadakemasan transfers recyclable waste into new recycled products. It is suitable for your daily activities.


    Suistainability action starts from your home and workplace. With Armadakemasan, your recyclable trash will be collected safely and timely and most importantly, handled the right way better environment.

    recycle point

    Need to drop off your recyclable trash? Go find your nearest bin

    Need to clean up your trash?

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